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Remote Monitoring Capabilities
with PQ Protection's Advanced Monitoring Contacts

AMC Photo 1.jpg

With the use of PQ Protection Surge Protection Devices (SPD) your critical equipment is protected from power surges. Additionally offered is our AMC (advanced monitoring contacts) option, giving you  the reassurance through your BAS/BMS that your facilities critical equipment is protected.

Critical equipment may include your main and branch electrical panels, chillers, emergency panels, medical panels, generators, manufacturing and process equipment panels, etc.

The AMC option works with BAS/BMS systems such as Trane Technologies, mc2 Inc., Schneider, CSSI/Alerton and Automated Building Controls System/KMC controls, plus many more.

As a State-of-the-Art manufacturer of Surge Protection Devices (SPD), PQ Protection offers the AMC (advanced monitoring contacts) option. This option provides pre-wired remote monitoring contacts as part of your SPD allowing a quick connection opportunity to your BAS/BMS instantly indicating to you a change in the operation/functional status of your SPD.

Connection to your BAS/BMS eliminates the requirement to visit each SPD location to identify the operational status of your protection device.

Let PQ Protection’s optional AMC feature assist with your facilities monitoring of critical equipment protection.

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